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"Absolutely hands down the most educated massage therapist in the Pacific Northwest! I’ve seen plenty of massage therapist, reiki masters, acupuncturist and more as I used to own a 10,000sq ft spa myself, I’ve seen it all! Seriously the owner Sarai is the entire package! She’s intense on learning all forms and techniques and gives you stretching moves to help with whatever ailment your having issues with at the time. Her passion is extremely visible as she’s always developing new treatments and services to provide the most well rounded natural healing possible! I’ve had 17 reconstructive surgeries from overcoming osteosarcoma and that includes a hip replacement at the age of 28 so I know strain and pain, since getting regular massages I’ve been able to get back to my peloton, hiking and yoga . It truly makes a world of difference when you find that ONE! She’s that one for me

— Destiny C.- Health Professional

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