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Branded Cosmetics

Sustainably Sourced

Revyve Wellness originated from modest beginnings, but our drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed us to grow into the successful Online Sustainable Cosmetics Store we are today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the global community to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Beauty Products

Highest Quality

At Revyve Wellness, simply selling products has never been enough. That’s why we’ve taken the time and effort to ensure our production process is at the highest level possible. With our extensive experience and your satisfaction as our number one priority, rest assured your needs will always be met here. Read below to learn more.

Aromatic Oil
Therapeutic Grade
Essential Oils


Only licensed professionals are allowed to distribute these oils

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Less is More

Butters, Oils, Floral essence. Create your own lotion or use by themselves


Quality Products

Skin care, Hair Care, Tools of the trade

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What we offer

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