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Your First Chakra is located at the base of your spine, this is where your Kundalini energy lives. The First Chakra is your root Chakra and that is why it is called your foundation. You ground into the Earth here to become matter. Each Chakra relates to certain developmental stages throughout your life.


The First Chakra relates to the time before you were born and in the womb of your mother during the second trimester until you are 12 months old. Which means you were being programmed before you even entered this world. You could sense and make neural connection between the outside world and that which was within you.  


The First Chakra deals with the demon of fear and self-preservation. Here you regain your ‘right to be here and to have’. Abuse and trauma are the main themes of the first four Chakras. Here in the First Chakra, we will be dealing with the following issues: 


Birth trauma 


Physical neglect  

Poor physical bonding with mother  

Malnourishment, feeding difficulties 

Major illness or surgery  

Physical abuse or violent environment  



Inherited traumas—parents’ survival fears  

(i.e., holocaust survivors, war veterans, poverty conditions) 

(Anodea Judith) 

If any of these experiences occurred in your life, then your energy could be blocked in your foundation unable to rise into manifestation. Do you wonder why you are constantly struggling even though you do your best every day to get by? But that is all you are doing is getting by. When you see other people that do not have any kind of hardship in their life do you wonder why or get resentful? 

Heal & Balance

First Chakra

Transcendental Healing will help you to accept the hardships you had to endure as building blocks to your destination. When life is easy then you are not challenged to grow, and you are just living in the Illusion of Maya. Just another person plugged in to the matrix going throughout life not knowing you are being controlled by external circumstances. And that is ok that is their path, but is it yours? 


What if I told you we all came here by choice? We chose our parents, extended family, and friends all to teach us the lessons we felt had to be learned in this life. Reincarnation happens when you are caught up in the wheel of life and have not transcended the spheres of enlightenment. You keep coming back until you get it. You shape your experience here no one else. I am sure you are asking why all the horrible things happen then right? Well like I said before we only grow through hardship and suffering or at least that is what we have been programmed to believe. As such we keep recreating those scenarios subconsciously to rise above.  


When you are stuck in the karmic wheel of life the energy running through you can become deficient, excessive, or balanced. Would you like your life to be a bit easier on you? Do you want to stop self-sabotaging yourself and finally take control of the destiny you designed for yourself? Then let us check in with your Foundation and see if it is need of repair. 


Whatever happens in your energetic field will manifest itself in the physical if it is not addressed. How do you do that if you are not even aware the system exists? Here are some healing practices and affirmations that will help you cope with the issues we will be dealing with in the First Chakra. 






Disconnection from body  

Notably underweight 

Fearful, anxious, restless, cannot settle 

Poor focus and discipline 

Financial difficulty 

Poor boundaries  

Chronic disorganization

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Image by Markus Spiske



Obesity, overeating  

Hoarding, material fixation, greed 

Sluggish, lazy, tired 

Fear of change, addiction to security  

Rigid boundaries 

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Upset Stomach

Physical Manifestation

Disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestine  

Disorders of solid parts of the body: bones, teeth Issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks eating disorders  

Frequent illness (can be deficient and/or excessive) 


Balanced Characteristics

Good health  



Comfortable in body  

Sense of trust in the world  

Feeling of safety and security 

Ability to relax and be still  

Stability Prosperity Right livelihood  

Yoga Pose



Reconnect with body  

Physical activity (aerobics, weights, running, dance) 

Lots of touch, massage  

Bioenergetic grounding 

Hatha yoga 

Look at earliest childhood relationship to mother  

Reclaim right to be here  


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Image by Erik Mclean



It is safe for me to be here. 

The earth supports me and meets my needs.  

I love my body and trust its wisdom. 

I am immersed in abundance. 

 I am here and I am real. 

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Path to Healing

As we work through your Foundation this will take time and patience. Many tools from varying traditions will be gained along the way. Since the First Chakra is based on the Earth, we will be introducing you to animistic belief systems that connected directly to the harmony of the Earth. This had been done for thousands of years and humans thrived. It was not until we took out the harmony with nature and spirituality that our world has been thrown into chaos. 


Let us reclaim our ancestral roots of our soul tribe and reawaken the old ways. You will learn how Shaman's work with nature and create balance within and without. Kabballah will be used in conjunction as you progress along the Tree of Life you will gain guides and magical tools to help expand your mind to the sacred mysteries.  


Part of staying in harmony with nature is honoring the seasons. Our ancestors new that at times of the year the energies of nature shifted, and they used that energy to manifest healing and abundance into their daily lives. We may think of this as primitive, but we are the primitive ones, our ancestors were wise and more advanced than we will ever be. It is all about perception and they perceived everything around them as being alive and having energy that should be honored. Not abused for greed and profit.  


Before I take you into your First Chakra a basic understanding and a shift in perception is mandatory. I do not mean I want you to change your beliefs or core values, just keep an open mind. Once you begin this journey there will be topics that are taboo to some and that is why I need you to forget what society has told you and seek the truth or yourself. 


In order to create a strong foundation, we will be traversing down into your roots to the underworld. There we will vanquish the demon of fear and reclaim the dark night of your soul. Before we retrieve your soul from the darkest depths of your subconscious it is imperative you start to love your body and nourish yourself properly. Otherwise, it could be a shock to your system and your child self could go into hiding again.  


We must sort through your conditioned behavior as well otherwise it is too easy to fall back into subconscious behavioral patterns. Once you have a firm foundation and have worked through the issues of the First Chakra then it will be time to restore your soul and give you the tools for abundance and prosperity. Now it will be time to deal with some different traumatic experiences in the Second Chakra. Can you handle the realm of emotion? 

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