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Chakra Two

The Second Chakra is associated to your emotions and sexual energy. Here we will be covering Tantra Yoga and many different topics about sex and the reproductive system. The developmental ages for this Chakra are six months to two years old. In the First Chakra you found stability in the Second Chakra you will find safety. Here are some of the experiences we will be dealing with in the Second Chakra. 



Initial Assessment

Working the Chakra

The key purpose for the Second Chakra is movement and connection. Its element is water and this Chakra ebbs and flows like the tide. Some of the issues we will be dealing with in this Chakra is separation vs attachment to others. Your sense of safety and your support system, how emotionally secure are you? Do you have a stimulating environment, or do you seek only self-gratification? 

Let us explore your Second Chakra and see how well you flow through life. Where are you deficient or excessive? Does any of the following apply to you? Remember there can be a mixture of both the goal is to become balanced in these areas. 

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