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Chakras are spinning wheels or vortexes in your ethereal body. They are represented by different lotus flowers with various petals and colors. The wheels represent the eternal cycle of time called 'Kalachakra', representing celestial order and balance.  


Hindu belief date back thousands of years and are based on the Vedas and Upanishads these are wisdom teachings that were passed down from teacher to disciple. Chakras are mentioned as psychic centers of consciousness in the Yoga Upanishads, 600 B.C.E. and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 200 BCE. This is where todays classic Yoga tradition originated.  


Tantra plays a vital role in the raising of your Kundalini energy. Sexuality is viewed as sacred in the Hindu belief system. As your body is the Sacred Temple for the Divine consciousness that lies within.  


Tantra means 'loom' which symbolizes weaving yourself into wholeness. Through Tantra you will be weaving together the duality of spirit/matter, mind/body, masculine/feminine, heaven/earth. 


When you awaken this energy inside of you and become one with all that is not only do you bring your body and mind back into balance but also your spirit or soul. Walking the path, you will grow in ways you have never imagined and begin to light your way to Ascension.  


Many cultures have philosophies based on various levels of ascension we must go through. Jewish Mysticism or Kabballah is one of them much as you go through the different levels of your Chakra System each relates directly to the Tree of Life, or the Sephira. A mystical path of Ascension where your goal is to transmute your baser self into gold and become Christ like. 


The number 7 is used in many different forms and cycles of life and nature. The rainbow has 7 colors, music in the Western major scale has 7 notes. Even life cycles are in ratios of 7. 


In Ayurvedic Medicine Chakras are part of our energetic anatomy. In yogic philosophy there are seven chakras that go up the spine from the base to the top of the head. The Chakra is a concentration of energy, a focus of an area.  

Chakra System

Each Chakra has correspondences to sound, elements, and emotions. You will learn all the correspondences as we go deeper into each Chakra. Currently, it is important for you to understand the basics. 


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Chakra One


Root Support

Image by veeterzy

Your First Chakra is located at the base of your spine and correlates to the element of earth. Our main issue here is survival making our goals that of stability, grounding, prosperity, right livelihood, and physical health. 

When your First Chakra is blocked then you can experience obesity, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, eating disorders, knee troubles, boned disorders, frequent illness in general. You may have irrational fears that have become compulsive. The inability to focus, spaciness, and the inability to still be symptoms of an unbalanced First Chakra.

Saturn is the ruling planet of this Chakra giving you the stability to gain the 'Right to Have'. Protein and meat wil help you ground your energy into the earth. Garnet, hematite, bloodstone and lodestone are crystals you can work with to gain insight into this Chakra. Hatha Yoga will help you along this path.

Chakra Three


Lustrous Gem

Image by Elie Khoury

The Third Chakra is located at your Solar plexus and is associated with the element fire. Here our main issue is power and energy. Our goals are vitality, strenth of will, sense of purpose, and effectiveness.

If our Third Chakra is Excessive then we will have the inablility to slow down, need to be in control, rage addiction, stomach ulcers and excessive weght around the middle. If you are Deficient then you will be timid, have low energy or chronic fatigue, addiction to stimulating substances. Have a submissive approach to life and digestive troubles.

The Planet Mars and the Sun are asscociated with this Chakra as they give you the will to take action and pour fire into your personal power. Foods that help to balance are complex carbohydrates. The 'Right to Act' is yours to own with the help of the Ram and Lion. Topaz and amber will help to focus your energy as you awaken your inner warrior. Karma Yoga can help you along this path.

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Chakra Five



Image by Christian Wiediger

The Fifth Chakra is associated with ether and sound. Its main issue is communication. Its goals are self-expression, harmony with others, creativity, good communication, resonance with self and others. When there is a malfunction, you can experience the inability to express or release your thoughts and feelings. You could be blocked creativity and experience physical symptoms such as a sore throat, stiff shoulders, and tight neck.

The Planet Mercury is associated with this Chakra as it rules Communication. Foods that will help with your Throat Chakra are Fruits. The Bull and Elephant will give you the power to own the 'Right to Speak'. Turquoise will help you focus on opening this, Chakra. The Fifth Chakras Operating Principle is Sympathetic Vibration. Mantra Yoga can help aid you on this path.

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Chakra Seven



Image by Geran de Klerk

The Seventh Chakra deals with thought and understanding. Its main goal is expanding consciousness. When this Chakra is Deficient then you can become depressed, alienate others and yourself. Experience confusion, boredom, apathy, and the inability to learn or comprehend. When you have an Excessive Seventh Chakra then you are overly intellectual, heady and spacey.


This Chakra helps you to own the 'Right to Know'. To better connect with the Seventh Chakra use Elephants, Ox or a Bull as a Totem. With Amethyst and diamond to help focus your attention. Consciousness is the main Operating Principle of this Chakra. Use Jnana yoga and Meditation to help you alog this path.

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Chakra Two



Image by Pedro Lastra

The Second Chakra is associated wth the element water as such it rules your sexuality and emotions. The main goal of theis Chakra is to have fluidity of movement, pleasure and connection. If there is a malfunction in this Chakra you can experience stiffness, sexual addiction or lack of sex drive, isolation, emotional instability or numbness.

The Moon rules this Chakra as it controls all of our emotions as it does the tides of the ocean. Here you will learn the 'Right to Feel' and the Operating Principle of Attracting Opposites. Coral and carnelian will help you get in touch with your emotional Chakra. While the fish and alligator will help you navigate the waters. Tantra Yoga will get you in touch with the path of sensuality.

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Chakra Four



Image by Lenstravelier

The Fourth Chakra is your Heart Chakra. Here we deal with love and relationships. Our main goal in the Fourth Chakra is to balance relationships with others and yourself with compassion and self-acceptance.

When your Heart is Deficient you could be prone to isolation, low self-esteem, collapsed chest, shallow breathing and melancholy. An Excessive Heart Chakra is codependent caretaker and clingy behavior.

The Planet Venus rules this Chakra as she is the Planet of Love. Vegetables are foods you should eat to help this Chakra be balanced. The 'Right to Love' is yours to have and your Fourth Chakra will teach you how to own this Right. Crystals that correspond to this chakra are emerald and rose quartz. Animals are the Antelope and dove. The Operating Principle is Equilibrium and Bhakti Yoga can help you achieve this.

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Chakra Six


To know, perceive, and command

Close Up Owl

The Sixth Chakra deals with the element of Light. Its main goal is the ability to perceive patterns and to see the unseen. Visual perception, imagination, intuition and clairvoyance are main issues of the Sixth Chakra. When there is a malfunction in this Chakra you can experience headaches, nightmares, hallucinations and poor visual perception.

The Planet Neptune is associated with this Chakra and helps you to own the 'Right to See'. Animals associated with this Chakra are the Owl and Butterfly. Crystals such as Lapis Lazuli and Quartz crystals will help you connect with this Chakra. The Operating Principle of this Chakra is Image formation. Yantra yoga and meditation on visual objects will help activate this Chakra.

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Vital Life Force

Image by veeterzy

The creator emanates out into the universe in various forms of energy reflecting love and light on all the logos. These forces manifest first as electricity, then the serpent fire, then vitality and finally as life force.


Kundalini is the Serpent fire that will begin to awaken at the base of your spine. Sometimes this happens to people sporadically. That is one of the reasons I am writing these classes, so people know they are not going crazy. If you are unaware of this knowledge and the energy that lies dormant in your body, it can make you feel like you are having a psychotic break. The society we live in does not embrace the mystical and unknown like our ancient ancestors did so when the unexplainable happens we immediately think we have lost our minds.

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