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Meet Sarai Hurt

Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for fifteen years and it is my passion to serve others and bring instant relief to their bodies. I began my career as a massage therapist to help others heal their bodies in a natural way. I am constantly amazed by the healing capabilities of the body. I incorporate Somatic Massage Therapy along with Neuromuscular Therapy into my sessions to allow for the natural healing process of the body to occur. The mind and our Somatic System play a powerful role in our nervous system functioning properly. My goal is to bring balance to your mind and body through mindfulness techniques and body awareness. The more you connect with your body the more you're able to hear what it is trying to tell you, increasing the healing you receive.   I specialize in Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage along with Medical Treatment Massage. My techniques allow your muscles to reset giving you longer lasting relief. Stretching and strengthening techniques are used to help release holding patterns in your body. Hot stone massage brings the benefit of heat to allow deeper access to your muscles helping them to melt away all your tension. Reflexology is used to help your feet relax after supporting you all day. While stimulating various parts of your body. Receiving Reflexology is wonderful for people with plantar fasciitis or diabetes. Experience complete relief from pain and tension as your body melts away all stress.   

What I Specialize In

Neuromuscular Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Medical Massage

Pain Relief

Rebalancing your body

Somatic Massage Therapy

Somatic Massage Therapy focuses on areas of pain or trauma by applying massage techniques that help the soft tissue of the body, including muscles, connective tissue and your organs. Our bodies are constantly talking to us. It's important to pause and listen to what your body is saying. Creating awareness in your body allows you to stay in the present moment and allows you to notice when you are out of balance. Somatic Massage Therapy incorporates mental wellness therapies for self-care into your massage session.   


Imagine being guided through your trauma with the use of mind body exercise that include breathwork, meditation, visualization, grounding, dance and body sensation awareness therapy. Somatic Massage Therapy is derived from the theory that the experiences we have in our life get stored in our body through our emotions. The more you focus on the physical sensations in your body as blocked emotional baggage. The more you can release that buildup of energy from your body. 


This is a comprehensive approach to healing your mind, body and soul. Discussing problems in your life allows you a safe space to release limiting emotions and behaviors. Allowing your body to be at peace and heal. Creating harmony within and without.  You will experience more awareness of your body and its sensations. You will learn skills to call on resourceful mental states that help you manage your emotions. 

Learn to ground your body and energy into the present moment while becoming more mindful of how your body feels because you're in a resourceful mental state. Describing your experiences in detail gives you the opportunity to witness them from a detached point of view as you become more aware of processing these emotions in a healthy way. Imagine your body telling you the story of what it is feeling. Gain tools that help you stay in a peaceful, calm state while strengthening your boundaries. Realize when you reframe past events and stressful moments you will gain power of the experience and will be able to release the emotions, so they no longer control your actions. 

Benefits for Mental Health

PTSD, Anxiety, Addiction, Grief, Depression, Stress 

Physical Symptoms 

Physical Benefits

Decrease Chronic Pain, Helps with Digestive Disorders, and Sexual Dysfunction 

Who it can help

Somatic Therapy is ideal for those wanting to improve themselves and want to transform their physical and mental health toward a mindful lifestyle. 

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Sarai gets straight to the issues and brings balance back to your life with her incredible intuitive ability she can help you see the direction you need to go and gives you the tools to achieve it.

- Sam Tyler

Sarai is a natural born healer and has so much knowledge to share. She is an old soul with powerful techniques that are cutting edge and bring instant results.

- Olivia Green

Sarai's profound mind-body-soul connection has taught me so much. She has given me invaluable tools and knowledge that has helped me transform my life into one I have always dreamed of. I am grateful for her inspirational gifts and hope others find this level of spiritual healing.

- Destiny Carter

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